Thalia Gore, one of the editors of Some Girls Metal, hails from the Northeast.  She comes from a small town where she would haunt the local thrift shops and record stores, always digging for new music.  Music provided the rabbit hole she was able to fall down. She was always connecting bands, letting one lead to another.  Music lent a place where dreamers could get lost and inspired a creative drive she has always wanted to feed.  

Inspired by everything from the words of Jim Carroll to the lyrics of Neurosis.  Music and creativity have always been a very deeply intertwined beast.  It feeds the soul and nourishes.  It allows for that delicate balance of darkness and light that every artist must find.

Thalia is also a huge advocate of well timed dick jokes and getting lost in cities around the world.

Top 5 Bands –





Year of No Light

Three musicians to have a drink with –

Mike Sullivan

Antonio Vivaldi

Mike Patton

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