Welcome to Some Girls Metal

The website came to fruition late one night at a diner in Queens with my lovely co-editor over coffee and potato skins, where we both lamented the use of a bed of lettuce underneath piping hot potato slices with melted cheese.  Over the years we’ve found ourselves at various tables in various places, discussing music and all things related.  This particular night I mentioned my thoughts on music sites, and said I thought a new one would be worth exploring.  

After a moment of thought I said I would prefer the site be run by women, and we wouldn’t stick to any formula we didn’t agree with.  For example, there would be no end-of-year bombardment of the best albums, live shows, guitarists, etc. In a media scene overrun with listicles, these seem like overkill anyway. You will see everything from concert photography to random memes on this site.  

We love metal and we just want to have fun and share our passion.  If people would like to submit, we encourage it!  There is a heavy male presence in the scene and our aim is for all to feel welcome – we just thought it would be cool to have only women run this site. Men, women, kids, teens and adults are all encouraged to be a part of this.  So thank you for visiting!  Welcome, take off your leather, and stay awhile.  Tell us what you want to see, what you like, what you don’t like.  But please, always be respectful.  We just want people to have fun, to enjoy what they see or read, and to feel a part of something great.

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