Faint Sketches, one of the writers for Some Girls Metal, lives in the Midwest and has her entire life. She grew up in the country, where the most exciting occurrence was the birth of new, baby cows, so the discovery of grunge music in the 90’s was a pivotal event for her as a child, and helped shaped who she would become. Popular bands of the time like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Collective Soul hinted to her that there was something darker out there, something worth pursuing in the world of music.
Her interest in those grunge bands eventually lead into the discovery of metal genres, which fully took shape with her discovery of Jesu in 2008. Justin Broadrick was the primary source for her perusal of all things intellectual and stimulating in the world of “underground” music, which opened the doors for her current music taste.
She spends most of her time writing novels and poetry, and shares her life with many animals. She lives in the country still, as it will always be where she feels she belongs.

Top 5 Bands –


Three musicians to have a drink with –

Justin Broadrick
Mike Scheidt
Steve Von Till

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