As you might guess, Winter Doom thrives in the icy oblivion of the tundra. So naturally, she lives in South Texas where there is no ice. Ever.

Winter spent several of her young adult years in Boston during the Isis (the band) era and wrote reviews for a radio station. She plays piano and guitar, sings both mournfully and with the rage of a million menstruating uteruses, bleeds images of woeful despair in charcoal on blackened sheets of nothing, and bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

Seriously — it’s legit.

Beards are her kryptonite, a good scotch her vice, she enjoys lifting heavy things, and she really, really likes tattoos of dead things (e.g., skulls and zombie pinups). Oh, and coffee.


Top 5 bands (for the moment):


Black Breath





Three musicians to have a drink with:

Tom Waits

Henry Rollins

Joan Jett

…all at the same time. How awesome would that be??


Favorite pastry:

Anything with peanut butter — protein gains

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