Passing through any city, I think it is important to check out the local record store(s).  As I walked into Reckless Records in Chicago to hear Mr. Bungle playing, I smiled and headed towards the metal section.  Days later, now reunited with my record player, this album has been on nonstop.  I have been sitting here in a trance for all of thirty minutes from the purchase I made at Reckless.  To say the new Dark Buddha Rising album is a heavy, hypnotic, and ethereal concoction is a gross understatement.


‘Inversum’ is the fifth release from these Finland natives.  This album is on Neurot Recordings, which immediately tipped me off that it might be incredible. With two tracks hovering around the 24 minute mark in length, it is easy to get lost in these songs.

Upon listening to the first track, “E S O,” I felt like a small boat drifting idly off the shore in the darkness.  The waves rock gently but slowly and steadily become more agitated.  The boat, not securely anchored, is drawn out into this swirling abyss, surrounded by darkness and lost in chaotic symphony.  The music is haunting yet calm, aggressive yet sublime.  This is the best album to get lost in and I can only imagine how amazing a live set by this band would be.

You can pick up the LP through Neurot Recordings or through the band’s Bandcamp.

-Thalia Gore-


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