One day at work, my friend and I were idly spinning in our desk chairs listening to Year of No Light.  He had not heard them before and I knew he would appreciate them as much as I do.  As we listened to Nord and spoke about France, where Year of No Light is from, I had the idea for what I now call Metal Roulette.

I am easily amused and randomly threw out the idea of picking a day per week to find new music from a country of our choice.  The responsibility would switch back and forth, but other than that, there were no rules.  The band did not have to be signed to a label nor belong to any specific sub genre of metal.

One of the first countries I picked was Hungary.  We used Encyclopaedia Metallum, chose the country, and picked any point in the alphabetical list to start from.  After this it’s a matter of somewhat random decision making.

My perusal of the list brought me to Corrodal.  I read “atmospheric sludge” and immediately needed to give them a listen.  


Aside from the music on both Lathe of Heaven and Xei being awesome, this is the reason you should give them a listen:  These guys play with not one, but two didgeridoos.  DIDGERIDOOS!!  If that’s not reason enough then I don’t know what is.  Atmospheric sludge, instrumetal (that’s not a typo, I say instrumetal), with TWO DIDGERIDOOS!!  Ok I’ll stop text shouting now.  Sometimes my excitement gets ahead of me.  

Seriously though, give this band a listen.  Their sound is really interesting without being over the top.  They are on Bandcamp and you can also purchase Lathe of Heaven on CD.  Lathe is based on the sci-fi novel of the same title written by Ursula LeGuin.  

They have another album set to drop soon.  I reached out to them to see if they had anything to add regarding the new album.  Feri was incredibly kind to respond and fill me in on the new album.

I was informed that the new album would be called Liquidators.  Feri explained that this title is in reference to the group of individuals who had to clean up after the Chernobyl disaster.  Some of the tracks on this album also deal with this topic.  The album has been written with only one guitar and more synth, so there will be a slight change in tone.  This helps to create a slightly darker atmosphere than before.

So swing by their Facebook or their Bandcamp, give a listen, say hi.  I hope at some point I have the pleasure of seeing Corrodal live, I think it would be an incredible experience.  Links to the band are below and a huge thanks to Feri and the rest of Corrodal for telling me a bit about the upcoming album.  I am beyond excited to hear what they have in store.

-Thalia Gore-


One thought on “Metal Roulette – Corrodal

  1. Yes! Corrodal has always been a band that had a special place in my heart. Seeing them live was indeed an incredible experience. Didn’t know they were making new music, that’s great news! Cheers!

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