On March 18, Boris and Merzbow will release another collaboration, only this time it’s not a single hour-long song; it’s two separate albums meant to be played simultaneously. Think surround sound.

While you do have the option of listening to them separately, you’re going to want to be in the right mind frame to listen to the Merzbow album solo — it’s straight-up noise, their specialty.

Stick with me here.

I used to spin The Locust and Melt Banana simultaneously, as an experiment in screeching, squealing, screaming combinations of noise. Listening to preview tracks “Heavy Rain” and “Goloka Pt. 2” at the same time on YouTube reminds me of a darker walk through those days, with the somber summoning of sirens echoing behind a haze of distortion, feedback, and white noise.

It’s doomy and shoegazey behind a curtain of crackling FM tuning, and it makes me curious to find out what other sounds they’ve experimented with together on this latest project.

-Winter Doom-


86ca4e3d132a59f61ed0df1b04ede82ePre-order available through Relapse Records



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