This fall Alison Chesley, the powerful singularity known as Helen Money, will be releasing her latest album Become Zero on Thrill Jockey Records.  This album was written after the passing of her parents and is wrought with palpable emotion.  Chesley is joined once again by Jason Roeder of Sleep and Neurosis to deliver an album that is deeply personal.  The album will come out September 16th and Chesley will spend much of her fall touring with Shellac, Sleep, and Russian Circles.

We are very excited to reveal her premiere track “Become Zero” which wastes no time bringing you into the throws of an emotional tidal wave.  Chesley’s cello cuts straight through, pulling you under and tossing you around while Roeder’s drums beat incessantly in the back.  A subtle reminder that at some point you will be able to come up for air.  If this track is a hint for what is to come, we are more than ready to hear the rest.

You can pre-order your copy of Become Zero on CD and LP (on luscious gold) through Thrill Jockey now.



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