‘There was thunder in the air on the night I went to the deserted mansion atop Tempest Mountain to find the lurking fear.’


For the first time ever, H.P. Lovecraft’s master work of terror and suspense, The Lurking Fear, is being released on vinyl by Cadabra Records. The story was first published in November 1922 in Home Brew Magazine, and is certainly one of Lovecraft’s most horrific and disturbing works. Lovecraft’s main character, an unnamed reporter, finds himself on Tempest Mountain to discover what force has attacked a hillside of local squatters. What follows is a series of frightful wonder, so unimaginable that only Lovecraft himself could write them so vividly.

Actor Andrew Leman, a co-founder of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, reads the lurid story with a dynamic and powerful voice. His timing couldn’t be more impeccable, as he ebbs and flows with the climactic moments in the story. With an old-timey charm, parallel to the mid-century tone of Lovecraft’s piece, Leman builds the anticipation of Lovecraft’s dark words, keeping the listeners tied to the story’s journey of fear and discovery.

The masterful mixing of Leman’s voice with the underlying score, arranged by Theologian, acts a steady current throughout the macabre story. Lovecraft’s scenes of dark mountains, emptied towns, and overall dismal despair is only enhanced by the power couple of Leman and Theologian. On vinyl, one can only imagine how much better they would sound accompanied by the crackling pops of a record player (or perhaps on a stormy, thunderous night). Lovecraft’s work was already a masterpiece of horror fiction, however, this reading is not to go unheard. All that’s left to do is to make a listening party out of this record and prepare for one hell of a scary night.

‘The Lurking Fear’ available on Cadabra Records on metallic gold and caramel swirl vinyl.

– Tallulah-

Tip-on Gatefold INSIDE - left pocket glued shut

Tip-on Gatefold OUTSIDE - left pocket glued shut

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