Swedish doom outfit, Monolord has hit the states running for their headlining tour with Beastmaker and Sweat Lodge.  Their new EP, Lord of Suffering/Die in Haze is set to release during tour.  It comes in a variety of luscious colors through RidingEasy Records or at the merch table.  We had a chance to catch up with Monolord to ask them a little bit about the new 10″ EP as well as life on the road.  Check out our interview below!


Your new 10″ EP, Lord of Suffering/Die in Haze is due out this week.  Do you see this release as an extension of your previous album or a teaser of what’s yet to come?
Esben Willems: As always when we write and record material, it’s an ongoing process. We’re always working on new stuff and trying out all kinds of ideas back and forth. So in a way it’s both an extension of previous releases and an appetizer of what’s ahead. The 10″ is where we are at right now.
Can you tell us a little about the songs on the EP?  When and where were they written?

EW: Both songs are the results of Thomas’ ever flowing stream of great riffs. Like always, the three of us then played around with them until we found the right shape and feel for the songs. I really like the way they came out.

Was there a particular mood or environment that inspired everyone the most during this past writing process?

EW: The constant stupidity and never ending self destructive humanity is an endless source of inspiration. We keep fucking up both ourselves and everything around us, and the frustration in seeing that happening all the time is something that we let out through our music. It’s a safety valve of sorts.

You have just embarked on another U.S. tour, this time as the headliners, how does touring in America differ from Europe/oversea?  Do you feel any differently being the headliner this time around?

EW: Yeah, we’re about a week in right now and it’s all going really well. We’re touring with Beastmaker and Sweat Lodge, great live bands and great people. Being a headliner this time is all thanks to our supportive fans that are making that possible. Getting to play music we love for them is the reason we keep doing what we do.

When it comes to touring, there are minor differences, but more similarities. Wake up after 4 hours of sleep, eat whatever kind of “breakfast” there’s available nearby, drive for most of the day, load in at the venue, soundcheck, wait, get the reward of going on stage in front of devoted and fantastic fans, load out, find a motel, fall asleep and then do it all over again the next day.

What kind of gear will we be seeing during this tour?  Is there anything new you are adding to the arsenal?

EW: I’m really not much of a gearhead. Equipment is part of the sound, of course, but the far biggest part is how you play it.

Are there any venues that are a must stop while touring, sort of a home away from home vibe?

EW: We’ve played twice at The Chapel in San Francisco now, and for me that’s one of the best venues in every aspect. Welcoming, friendly and very professional crew, fantastic venue, amazing sound both on and off stage. On top of that, the catering is kick ass. That’s a venue I hope we’ll return to.

Is taking the stage now versus three years ago vastly different and why/how?

EW: From our first show in a small club in Gothenburg to standing in front of a sea of people at Hellfest in France, there has obviously happened a lot. Getting that kind of feedback over time is breathtaking.

We are really looking forward to catching you guys at Saint Vitus, safe travels on the road!

EW: We’re really stoked to play there again! See you all there!

Tack så mycket!!

Catch Monolord on the road with Beastmaker and Sweat Lodge!
-Thalia Gore-

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