Basilica Soundscape is a music festival you will find during one weekend each year (this was its fifth), a bit off the beaten path in Hudson, New York. If you are looking for huge stages, overpriced food and drink, and those creepy toe shoes we are not very fond of, then this might not be for you.  If you’re more into avant-garde music, poetry, art, and farm-to-table food, then look no further because you are home. On a recent beautiful Friday night, with a penumbral lunar eclipse rising to greet uswe gladly made the trek away from NYC for an amazing festival weekend sans festival vibe.
Our favorite band of the weekend was Wolves in the Throne Room. We happily listened to them play for two hours while watching the moon cross the sky.  Other amazing acts present included Bell Witch, who played a mesmerizing set on Saturday night, with Cobalt prior and Explosions in the Sky following.  In a dream-like state, surrounded by fog and the scent of burning sage, time passed all too quickly during these two incredible days of music.  It’s a relief to see such a unique and thoughtful festival and we look forward to our return next year.

Check out more photos below (click on the thumbnail to open the gallery)

-Skc Photo-

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