One of the more positive aspects of our modern technology is how much we are able to discover through the use of social media and the fact that more and more people are connected.  Creative communities are now able to share their work across multiple channels and effectively be their own PR companies.  We had the good fortune of stumbling upon Chilean artist Kerbcrawlerghost in just this manner.  His depictions of what some may consider sacrilegious imagery are the stuff of dreams, nightmares, and sexual fantasies.  He has recently done cover art for Weregoat and is in the process of collaborating with new bands.  We look forward to seeing his work pop up elsewhere.  Check out our interview below!

finguersuckHow long have you been creating artwork with religious connotations, and are you interested in conveying a specific view or message regarding religion?

Not very long ago I started to learn about the tarot and the figure of the devil became very significant for me because represents from my point of view my ideals as an artist, my creativity. My search of beauty always comes from darkness, pessimism, obsession, addictions and mostly by lust and desire.  It is not a negative card for me at all.

But religion was always implicit in my formation as an artist, since I remember my mother was studying the bible and became a Jehovah´s witness when I was just a kid, she made me study the bible too with a book called “My Book of Biblic Stories.” It was fully illustrated, and from the beginning I felt attracted when the evil was represented by demons, whores, giants, diseases, or when the anger of god fell over burning cities and fucking everything up with plagues…. So I started to love the apocalypse since very young.

My art is not focused on trying to send a specific message against religion. I don’t mind people’s beliefs, what I really hate are the institutions that rule behind, those are the real demons.


What influences you to create your art?

The exorcism of reality, the possibility to perform my desire and appreciation of life without going to jail, and the quest of finding beauty in the meantime, and I love to find it in that thin line between horror.

Do you have any specific artists that have had a big influence on you and why?

Yes, and the list can be endless. Right now my top five should be Hieronymus Bosch, Peter Bruegel, Albert Durer, Gustave Doré and Theodor Kittelsen. But there are great living artists that I have been lucky to follow in the process as they create and evolve, like Jeremy Bastian or Vania Zouravilov. Some of them have become friends, like Godmachine, Joshua Jay Johnson, Paul Rentler, Frenchinald and many others. These are good times we are living, to share our art and take it out of fucking museums and galleries and get regular people’s appreciation and feedback of your work.  And aaahh, why are they are big influences? Because I steal the best from them, and then apply all those great techniques and ideas to my work, it’s one way to improve. I just rob them!


What is your favorite piece that you have created so far and why?

To be honest I don’t have one, but I have different feelings for them. With some I have learned or discover techniques in the process. Others have a special effect on people, and that is something you can’t predict. Some have a lot of hours of work but very few people like them, others are very simple doodles that condensate a better idea and everybody loves them. That’s why I don’t have favorites. Maybe the day that I get to a perfect illustration, I will be the rest of my life trying to reproduce that, and it will be nonsense.


What would be your dream project?

I love stories, and I would love to expand my art to a narrative, create a universe out of a comic and maybe animation. Now I’m working on a couple of scripts to [achieve] that step, and both are related to my actual favorite themes; eroticism, occultism, satanism and mythology. But writing a story and designing characters is a very slow process, it’s hard to get everything right and eats a lot of time. I hope to be 100% dedicated to that next year with a comic Kickstarter campaign, and stop living from doing storyboards and shit for advertising… But for now that’s only a dream.


Kerbcrawlerghost on Facebook

Kerbcrawlerghost Merch

Kerbcrawlerghost on Instagram @kerbcrawlerghost


-Thalia Gore-


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