Pygopagus is a storyteller currently residing in Seattle, WA.  She spends her time feeling all of her feelings and helping incarcerated individuals to get back on their feet, all while envisioning herself as heroine on a horse wielding a mace in a Frank Frazetta-esque painting.

She has been the vocalist in a hardcore band, the drummer in a grind band and the creep behind some electro solo project. When missing being in a band, she enjoys doing hardcore vocals to 90s pop songs at karaoke. Her tastes are all over the place, but are all influenced by music that tells an emotional and visual story.


Forever Favorites


Dead Can Dance

Pantera (whatever, I’m from the South)


NC Hardcore circa 2000


Currently Obsessed With

Dead Can Dance






Three Musicians to have a drink with

Roger Miller

Hank Williams

Lisa Gerrard + Brendan Perry

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