My brother and I went to the Metal Blade Records 35th anniversary show this past week. Between the performances and the crowd, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. The most unique part of the night began when I noticed The Pit, that swirling beast made of heads and arms common to any metal show – what made this one surprising was the overwhelming female presence, half of the crowd at least. They were tough, blissfully in their element, and owning it.

I was entranced. I followed them outside for a smoke break and introduced myself. I asked to take their portraits, and they were all so down and so nice! One of them was so excited she dropped her beer. I bought her another one, and we talked about music and beer and how it sucks when no one tells you you have lipstick on your teeth. The whole experience made me remember when I was a lot younger and would let all of my aggression out at shows like this. There weren’t a lot of girls in my local scene back then, so seeing these ladies effortlessly breaking gender barriers was inspiring. No one questioned it because they we were all the same: metalheads having a blast seeing some of the best bands on earth. I gleaned enough POWER from the whole experience to last me a while. All of this to say, I bow in my heart to these babes forever! Power house to the max.

-Jessica Nicole Collins

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