Now that spring is beginning to thaw the ground here in NYC, it seems like tours are popping up as quickly as the daffodils.  One such tour we have watched snake across the states is Oathbreaker and Jaye Jayle.  We were finally able to catch them as the tour wound down and stopped at The Studio at Webster Hall on April 8th, joined by Brooklyn natives Sannhet.


Jaye Jayle

Jay Jayle kicked the night off with their On the Road-esque bluesy blend of rock.  Cloaked in amber lighting on a stage that left little room for movement, you can really hear the southern roots so deeply threaded in their music.  I’ve always felt their music would be the perfect soundtrack to a gritty, adventure-filled and nicotine-saturated movie – indie of course, not the mainstream variety.  It’s a sound that reminds me of small towns and late nights spent on the porch with an acoustic guitar and moths fluttering around the light, especially when they were joined by Emma Ruth Rundle.



Sannhet was second on the roster bringing their experimental metal from the borough next door.  Paired with their custom light projections, it only took about two songs before I felt like I was in an instrumental trance and gave my camera a break so I could just absorb their sound.  Although I am not overly fond of harsh strobing lights, the moments where the band was just wrapped in their light projection and flitting in and out of shadows made the change in tempo and the use of the strobes make more sense.  It’s an interesting juxtaposition of light to sound.




Closing out the night was Oathbreaker, on their second-to-last tour date before I would assume they will return to their native Belgium.  In lighting akin to the type of dark blue you expect when nearing the bottom of the ocean, they took to the stage.  Singer Caro, whose fluttering draped garments give her a somewhat blurred and watery appearance began to softly sing to the crowd.  As anyone who is familiar with Oathbreaker knows, the moments of peace and tranquility her singing brings are short-lived as she and the band suddenly shatter the calm and tear right through the crowd who wait with arms open.  It’s a strangely beautiful balance.
Check out the photos below!

-Skc Photo-


Jaye Jayle

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