REV169 - Primal Rite - Sensory Link To Pain [cover]

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day left us with a little pot of gold in the new Primal Rite EP Sensory to Pain. The three songs on the EP immediately establish who the band is, where they came from and why they deserve a listen. Musically, it’s rich with 90s inspiration from the metal, punk and hardcore genres. Their sound encompasses so many sub-genres, even – I don’t expect they will ever be hurting for fans. The EP is a quick listen, they shred while knowing how to get in and grab your attention, but keep the songs long enough to sustain your interest. However, what really makes Primal Rite stand out from their predecessors are the vocals.

The vocals are guttural, tough and blissfully brutal. They’re also muddy, something I could imagine being a bit distracting to some listeners, but I am from the swamp so I dug it.  I will likely always have a hardcore kid inside me who hears a breakdown and a guttural vocal and wants to stand up and pound my chest, feeling like I am the most brutal of them all. This EP made me want to do exactly that, in an ideal world there would be more vocalists like Lucy just killing it and plowing past gender norms, inviting an accepting, open scene.

Primal Rite’s lyrics are truly an expression of real life and offer perspective, and because of this the power of the vocal track creates a feeling of unity, which in my opinion is the single purpose of any heavy genre. It’s unafraid to stare what’s ugly in the world in the face and say, we see you and we stand together.

Recommended Track: Primal Discipline

Grab the EP from Revelation Records here.


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