Decibel certainly seems to have a knack for creating great tour lineups, my personal favorite being Behemoth and Abbath last year. Their most recent tour, which featured Midnight, Horrendous, Obituary, and Kreator is no exception.  While my need to pay the bills prevented me from seeing Horrendous and Midnight, I was extremely grateful to have arrived just in time to see Obituary.  The Theatre of Living Arts was packed full of sweaty bodies on that Friday night and the air hung like a humid jungle.  My hair isn’t nearly as long as half of the headbangers’ present and even I wanted to immediately put it up and off my neck, it was brutal.



It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Obituary, and they still have the same incredible energy that they have always had – something that,  in my opinion, you either have naturally or you don’t.  As one of my favorite bands to come out of Florida (along with Bloodlet), I am glad that Obituary still has fun on stage after paving the way for many death metal bands so many years ago.  There is nothing repetitive or stagnant, the energy is as raw and fresh as the enormous beast-like circle pit they inspire.  At one point a crowd surfing gent came rolling off the top of the crowd and into a perfectly timed high-five from John Tardy, which left him grinning from ear to ear as he ran back and was engulfed in the pit once again.  They played some new songs from their recent self-titled LP, such as “A Lesson in Vengeance,” as well as classic favorites “Find the Arise” and “Slowly We Rot.”  



German thrash metalists Kreator finished out the night.  In late January they gave us Gods of Violence, and the crowd heard “Satan is Real” and “World War Now” amongst others.  We also heard some of their older material, as I’m sure many people were anticipating, such as “Flag of Hate” and “Pleasure to Kill.”  King Fowley of Deceased also joined the band onstage to perform “Total Death.”  

While Kreator’s music is not my personal favorite since I don’t find it terribly unique or earth-shattering, I do enjoy how engaging singer/guitarist Mille Petrozza is with the crowd.  He really gets everyone involved, whether it be shouting to hear the back of the crowd or getting the biggest circle pit going that the crowd can muster.  If it’s not to his satisfaction, he makes everyone do it again.

Check out the photos below! (Click on the images to open gallery)

-Skc Photo-


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