Throughout April I was able to see roughly a show or two a week as the spring tours continued to crop up.  I know comparatively speaking this is a relatively small number for those that go to shows almost nightly.  My need to be reclusive will always outweigh attending that many events, however my desire for the month to wind down was not due to my human tolerance diminishing but due to the fact that Katatonia was on the horizon.  It was a show with a lineup that was hard not to look forward to, as they were supported by Caspian and Uncured.



New York City natives Uncured kicked the night off and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect.  While I had never seen them live I’d heard several friends speak of them, citing a high level of musicianship, but almost to a masturbatory level — comments I completely forgot about until they started playing.  Which makes it sound as if I didn’t enjoy them, but I did.  They are incredibly talented and anyone that sees them play will immediately hear it.  Despite their seemingly young age, they carry themselves in a manner most bands would do well to take a lesson from.  Poised with confidence but not toppling into arrogance, these guys ripped through an incredibly energetic set (which made them even more fun to photograph) and left what appeared to be a lasting impression on the crowd.



Second to play was Caspian, and you could tell everyone was waiting with bated breath for them to begin.  They have a pretty devoted following and with the unbridled energy they bring, you can see why.  These guys leave everything on the stage and really give it their all each and every time.  Between songs guitarist Philip Jamieson addressed the crowd and, much to everyone’s dismay, announced they would not be returning to NYC for awhile.  As one who tries to remain optimistic, I hope this means they’ll be working on new material.  They treated the crowd to five songs, but I can safely say we could have easily listened to five more.



Closing out the night, Sweden natives Katatonia treated us to their signature blend of melodic metal – two words I never thought could go together as well as they do when these guys are the ones executing it.  I’ve always avoided this type of music but there is something about their sound that really penetrates the often surface level vibe I usually get and grabs ahold of me.  Perhaps it’s due to lead singer Jonas Renske, who sings with black hair draped forward and a voice which comes off as teeming with emotion, impossible to ignore and even more difficult to dislike.  Though some in the crowd were practically begging for older material, Renske politely declined in a jovial manner after responding to a crowd member’s exclamation of love.  They treated the crowd to a beautiful set that was roughly an hour and a half and included “Dead Letters” and “Criminals.”  On top of this they performed a three song encore, much to everyone’s delight.  

Check out the photos below!

-Skc Photo-




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