Meet the Crew – Pygopagus

Pygopagus is a storyteller currently residing in Seattle, WA.  She spends her time feeling all of her feelings and helping incarcerated individuals to get back on their feet, all while envisioning herself as heroine on a horse wielding a mace in a Frank Frazetta-esque painting.

She has been the vocalist in a hardcore band, the drummer in a grind band and the creep behind some electro solo project. When missing being in a band, she enjoys doing hardcore vocals to 90s pop songs at karaoke. Her tastes are all over the place, but are all influenced by music that tells an emotional and visual story.


Forever Favorites


Dead Can Dance

Pantera (whatever, I’m from the South)


NC Hardcore circa 2000


Currently Obsessed With

Dead Can Dance






Three Musicians to have a drink with

Roger Miller

Hank Williams

Lisa Gerrard + Brendan Perry

Meet the Crew – Tullulah

Tullulah is a writer, drummer, and overall adventurer living in Brooklyn, NY.  You can typically find her listening to records, dancing, and eating ice cream.  Having grown up listening to classic rock n’ roll, folk, and indie music, her music taste only grew once she discovered the underground music scene in Richmond, VA.  Noise, hardcore, and punk soon made it into her repertoire.  She jumped at her first chance to move to NYC, and is now following her dreams of writing, creating, and traveling as much as possible.

Forever Favorites-
The Beatles
Simon & Garfunkel
Led Zeppelin

Any garage punk from the 60s

Currently Obsessed With-
Sufjan Stevens
Courtney Barnett
Father John Misty

Loretta Lynn

Three musicians to have a drink with –
Jimmy Page
Patti Smith
Mackenzie Scott

Meet the Crew – SKC Photo


Skc is one of our contributing photographers and grew up near New York City.  She has been taking pictures for a long as she can remember, from the basement shows her friend’s band played to the abstract architecture she sees in the cities she visits.  Her favorite camera will always be her Holga, which is held together by Hello Kitty duct tape because she refuses to buy a new one.

Skc loves photographing shows and trying to capture the energy and emotion present.  She is always intrigued by the light and constantly searches for the details others might not see.  By day she can be found working as a product photographer and by night you can find her in the pit, her favorite place to be.  For her, music and photography go hand in hand, they are two parts of her that she cannot live without.


Top 5 Bands –

Omega Massif


The Locust




Three musicians to have a drink with –


Sid Vicious

Patti Smith

Meet the Crew – Winter Doom


As you might guess, Winter Doom thrives in the icy oblivion of the tundra. So naturally, she lives in South Texas where there is no ice. Ever.

Winter spent several of her young adult years in Boston during the Isis (the band) era and wrote reviews for a radio station. She plays piano and guitar, sings both mournfully and with the rage of a million menstruating uteruses, bleeds images of woeful despair in charcoal on blackened sheets of nothing, and bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

Seriously — it’s legit.

Beards are her kryptonite, a good scotch her vice, she enjoys lifting heavy things, and she really, really likes tattoos of dead things (e.g., skulls and zombie pinups). Oh, and coffee.


Top 5 bands (for the moment):


Black Breath





Three musicians to have a drink with:

Tom Waits

Henry Rollins

Joan Jett

…all at the same time. How awesome would that be??


Favorite pastry:

Anything with peanut butter — protein gains

Meet the Crew – Faint Sketches

Faint Sketches, one of the writers for Some Girls Metal, lives in the Midwest and has her entire life. She grew up in the country, where the most exciting occurrence was the birth of new, baby cows, so the discovery of grunge music in the 90’s was a pivotal event for her as a child, and helped shaped who she would become. Popular bands of the time like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Collective Soul hinted to her that there was something darker out there, something worth pursuing in the world of music.
Her interest in those grunge bands eventually lead into the discovery of metal genres, which fully took shape with her discovery of Jesu in 2008. Justin Broadrick was the primary source for her perusal of all things intellectual and stimulating in the world of “underground” music, which opened the doors for her current music taste.
She spends most of her time writing novels and poetry, and shares her life with many animals. She lives in the country still, as it will always be where she feels she belongs.

Top 5 Bands –


Three musicians to have a drink with –

Justin Broadrick
Mike Scheidt
Steve Von Till

Meet the Crew – Thalia Gore

Thalia Gore, one of the editors of Some Girls Metal, hails from the Northeast.  She comes from a small town where she would haunt the local thrift shops and record stores, always digging for new music.  Music provided the rabbit hole she was able to fall down. She was always connecting bands, letting one lead to another.  Music lent a place where dreamers could get lost and inspired a creative drive she has always wanted to feed.  

Inspired by everything from the words of Jim Carroll to the lyrics of Neurosis.  Music and creativity have always been a very deeply intertwined beast.  It feeds the soul and nourishes.  It allows for that delicate balance of darkness and light that every artist must find.

Thalia is also a huge advocate of well timed dick jokes and getting lost in cities around the world.

Top 5 Bands –





Year of No Light

Three musicians to have a drink with –

Mike Sullivan

Antonio Vivaldi

Mike Patton